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About us

Kapor ako starý pán

Vitality, enthusiasm, a love of folk art, an ambition to achive something, a desire for frienship, an opportunity to see and learn about locales near and far - all these link us. On the one hand, dancers with skilled limbs, singers with melodious voices, musicians with quick fingers, all of them unripe but eager; and on the other hand, ripe but no less eager educaors and managers with many years experience and unceasing enthusiasm.

What could in this present-day hurried, over-civilised world connect nations more beautifully and be even more required than the search for and the dissemination of that which is for the culture of a nation the most precious and unique, i.e., its folk art.

The folklore ensemble Bezanka has been following its mission of developing and disseminating Slovak folk art in music, dance and song since 1974, first under the management of Jozef Burič and since 1996 under Viliam Korenčík. During almost 40 yeas of its activities, the ensemble has tried to reflect the beauty and diversity of the rich folklore of the many regions of Slovakia in its dance and music.

Following exacting research ang theoretical preparation, choreography and scoring of the material, the large ensemble faces a great amount of training and rehearsals. The reward for this demanding preparation is for these passionate amateurs not only the amount of zealous spectators, the number of visited locations and festivals, but also the feeling of pride that they have contributed to the preservation of a part of their past and that they have also helped Slovakia to improve its unique heritage and pass it on to others.

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